Monthly Archive: October, 2013

Exploring Biodynamic Wine – ‘Monty Waldin’s Best Biodynamic Wines’ Book

I’ve said before that “in the kingdom of the biodynamically blind, the man who has read Monty Waldin’s book is biodynamic king”. The book I was referring to at the time was  “Biodynamic… Continue reading

Importing Wine Into Ireland For Personal Use

This week has been punishing for the wine trade and wine drinkers in Ireland where an increase in excise announced in Budget 2014 means that duty is now levied at €3.19 per bottle… Continue reading

A Visit To The Old Convent and A New Wine Film – ‘Somm’

It’s been a few weeks since my last post and while I’d love to give you the ol’ ‘I’ve been really busy’ line, it’s only partially true as I also found time to… Continue reading