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My name is Paddy and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I’ve always had an interest in wine but I really caught the wine bug after a trip to Italy some years ago where I had my “welcome to the real wine world, everything you’ve been drinking before this was crap” moment.

The blog is a collection of my ramblings and learnings as a wine lover and is mainly focussed on wines from Italy and Sherry. Strange bedfellows I know!

For Italian wines I’m on the hunt to uncover growers and producers who strive to express a sense of place in their wines and whose winemaking philosophies aren’t mired in the old battlegrounds of ‘modern’ or ‘traditional’ or constrained by the new battlegrounds of ‘natural’ vs ‘conventional’, but instead are focused on producing exciting, vibrant and interesting wines that separate themselves from the crowd.

And in Sherry…? I’m happy with palomino on my palate whether it’s fresh manzanilla, aged fino, searingly dry old amontillado, mysterious palo cortado or rich oloroso. Actually come to think of it, the odd drop of PX doesn’t go astray either! I’m a certified Sherry educator so check here and on www.sherryeducation.net for details of my upcoming events.

Hope you enjoy!

Contact: thevineinspiration@gmail.com

PS: The blog isn’t intended to provide formal wine reviews or ratings, I’m writing this blog as a hobby and to highlight wines and experiences that I’ve enjoyed, or issues that I have a strong opinion on. As a result, I’m generally only going to invest the time in writing about topics and bottles that particularly interested me. It goes without saying that good things will not be written about wines I didn’t enjoy, in all likelihood they just won’t be written about at all. And seeing as my wine consumption far outpaces my blog post publication rate, many wines that I did enjoy won’t make it onto the blog either.

PPS: Disclosures: On the extremely rare occasion that the wine (or wine thingy…it’s a technical term!) under discussion was a provided as a sample, I’ll outline this at the bottom of the relevant post. Conflicts of interest will of course also be clearly stated. Many of my notes come from tastings I’ve attended; if one of these happened be a dinner or lunch event, it’ll be very clear from the content of the post.

Paddy Murphy