The Wine Year Ahead

Hot on the heels of awards season comes predictions for the year ahead. My attempt last year was quite personal – I ended up buying lots of Nebbiolo, it was indeed the year of Barbacarlo, several fun nights were spent in The Winemakers Club and I’m still working my way through my stash of 200 Fathoms stout.

But there were a few missteps too, not least my inexplicable drift away from Chianti Classico. And with that in mind I’m looking forward to drinking more Sangiovese this year. A recent bottle of Sesti’s 2001 Brunello served as a reminder that once the beef comes out good Sangiovese has few peers.

I’m hoping to drink more Champagne. Is there any real value to be had in Champagne? It was hard to argue that my wine money would’ve been better spent on anything other than the delicious magnum of Bérêche Côte 1999 that I enjoyed on New Year’s Eve.


From vintage Champagne to vintage Sherry. Williams & Humbert’s relatively recent releases highlighted the potential of static ageing to a new audience (having start to lay down vintages in 1920, this certainly isn’t a new trend for W&H) and this year I’m eagerly awaiting release of the first of the Valdespino anadas which were previewed at Vinoble.

I’m hoping that people will no longer refer to wines as ‘smashable’. ‘Unicorn wines’ can get in the sea too.

Happy Drinking!

Image Credit: Peter McCombie MW








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