COS In Colour

There have been two constants in my life over the past fortnight – COS Frappato and Jamie XX’s new album: In Colour. And both will make your summer immeasurably better!

For some reason, COS had drifted out of my thoughts of late. I’d become enthralled with my relatively recent haul of Arianna Occhipinti’s wines and had almost totally forgotten about the case of Cerasuolo di Vittoria and couple of bottles of Pithos Rosso that I’d consigned to the back to the Eurocave last autumn.

What snapped me back to normality?

Well, two things actually.

Firstly, COS Frappato and Rami (a blend of Insolia and Grecanico) have recently become available in Ireland (COS wines can be bought from Grapevine in Dalkey, Dublin). The Frappato is ideal for summer drinking and is a far more interesting BBQ accompaniment than many of the heavy, alcoholic, fruit bombs that usually find their way onto patio tables.

The second factor was a recent interview with Giusto Occhipinti on Levi Dalton’s “I’ll Drink To That” podcast which can be downloaded at these links: Soundcloud and iTunes. Levi’s podcast is always worth a listen, and in this episode Giusto spills the beans on how long we should be ageing our COS Cerasuolo di Vittoria for – well at least I think he does. Final consensus seemed to range from 2-8 years to eternity! 🙂

Giusto Occhipinti

Giusto Occhipinti