Sherry Shorts: Emilio Hidalgo’s Marvellous Quartet

Sherry Shorts is my series of brief posts that tends to throw up more questions than answers and today will be no different.

There’s no such thing as an Emilio Hidalgo free month in my house, but when I walked into Stanley’s Restaurant & Wine Bar last week, I must admit that I had gone a few months between glasses of Fino La Panesa. Once that was remedied, my thoughts turned to a photo of a quartet of Emilio Hidalgo’s sherry range that I had taken at the bodega last year.


It got me thinking – is there a better quartet of regularly released sherries than La Panesa, El Tresillo, Marqués de Rodil and Villapanés available on the market today? Sure, other bodegas may have older and rarer sherries, but this lineup doesn’t even include Emilio Hidalgo’s El Tresillo 1874, Privilegio or Santa Ana.

I’d suggest that Bodegas Tradición and Fernando de Castilla’s Antique range would be in the shakeup too, but it’s certainly a discussion worth having over a few glasses.


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