Lily Aldridge Loves Wine!

It seems that supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge is a bit of a wine buff. You may already be aware of this of course if you, like me, follow her on Instagram….for the wine pictures obviously.

photo 3

photo 2(1)

It seems that Lily isn’t merely content with people drooling over her pictures of bottles Château Latour, Château Margaux and López de Heredia, but now she wants to have dinner with you too. It’s not a date.

€15,000 (estimate) will get you and 9 of your friends (yep, definitely not a date so!) dinner with Lily (and her friend – this really couldn’t be less of a date) and Sergio Esposito, proprietor and owner of Italian Wine Merchants. The tasting focuses on natural and biodynamic wines, so if you fancy chatting with Lily on the merits of biodynamic preparation 500 horn manure get bidding at this link. It’s for charity after all.


Photo credits: Charity Buzz and @lilyaldridge Instagram.