Castello di Potentino Sacromonte Vertical

If you are a regular reader you’ll already know my love for all things Castello di Potentino. For some unknown reason though, 2014 hasn’t seen much Potentino action in my house, a fact that I decided to remedy with some fellow Potentino guzzling friends a few weeks ago.

Castello di Potentino Sacromonte

I opened bottles of 2001, 2005 and 2007 Sacromonte to drink alongside some homemade pizzas. I know that Italians traditionally favour beer with their pizzas, and indeed many would scoff at us drinking wine, but to my mind the food pairing with Sacromonte is inconsequential – the important thing is that it’s enjoyed in good company and that we had in spades.

I’ve done this mini vertical of Potentino’s 100% Sangiovese before during our visit to the castle in 2012. At that time, I felt the 2001 was just about hanging on to life and the 2005 and 2007 were in their prime, although probably at different ends of their drinking windows.

We ended up bringing a bottle of 2001 back to Ireland with us (2005 and 2007 I already had stashed away at home). That it took us almost two years to open the bottle of 2001 had me a bit worried – if we were on borrowed time two years ago, surely now we had little hope of it drinking well.

Castello di Potentino

Amazingly, something fantastic had happened to the 2001. It was as if Monte Amiata itself had breathed new life into the bottle as we left the valley two years before – it was stunning, that slick oily texture of mature Sangiovese coming to the fore but the lingering acidity still providing some vibrancy to the wine.

The bottle of 2005 had mellowed out somewhat – there was less of the hot rustic, earthy, liquorice flavours (which I liked I should add!) that characterised the finish of the 2005 in years past but rather an overall harmony and balance had emerged – beautiful. The 2007 was lifted with sweet red fruit articulated in a very drinkable style.

These three bottles of Sacromonte left me yearning to be back in Potentino; hopefully I’ll get there in 2015. In the meantime, I certainly won’t be leaving it as long till my next glass of Sacromonte, Balaxus or Piropo.